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Fine lines and wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, and on the forehead become more noticeable as your age. At first, they only appear when we express ourselves by frowning or laughing. However, as we age, those lines become more prominent, even when our faces are at rest.


Dynamic wrinkles are a result of repeated facial movements that form creases or lines in the skin.  Wrinkle relaxers such as Botox and Dysport can reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles by giving you a smoother, younger-looking complexion, and are increasingly being used by younger patients for natural-looking wrinkle prevention.


Facial wrinkles commonly form when we make simple expressions, such as squinting or furrowing our eyebrows. When injected, Botox softens these wrinkles and fine lines by inhibiting the contractions of certain facial muscles. After the injections, wrinkles in the treatment area will diminish and the skin will appear smoother. Botox also helps to prevent further wrinkles and lines from developing.

Botox Cosmetic injections can improve the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, and smile lines. Botox treatments take 15-20 minutes with our skilled injectors and requires no downtime. You can receive treatment during your lunch break or just before picking up the kids from school! And within a few short days, you can enjoy age-defying results. Botox is available at Bergstrom Aesthetics in Fargo, North Dakota.


Dysport is an approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet lines in adults.

Dysport targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning, moving the forehead muscles, and squinting over the years. Your injector at Bergstrom Aesthetics will treat these muscles with Dysport to temporarily reduce muscle activity. You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and frown lines between your brows. 


Getting Dysport at Bergstrom Aesthetics in Fargo is a fast, effective way of smoothing out wrinkles. Similar to Botox, Dr. Bergstrom or our Nurse Injector, Sarah, can perform most procedures in less than 30 minutes, allowing you to move on with your daily life.  Patients notice results in as little as two to five days, and results may last up to four months.


Botox and Dysport both contain the same active ingredient (Botulinum Type A) and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, there are a few key distinctions between the two! 


The biggest difference is the level of concentration in each product. Dysport is more diluted than Botox, with an almost 3 to 1 split. Based on the location of the injectable, your skilled injector at Bergstrom may need more product to fill one area than another.

Dysport also differs in terms of its molecular behavior and diffusion. This makeup means it spreads faster, especially over a larger surface area, with just a few injections. So the differences really come down to the way each injectable is applied by your doctor. An experienced doctor will use both for certain areas:

  • Botox will work well for lip lines, Crow’s feet, and other fine wrinkles. It has a high concentration and is slow-moving, making it perfect for these small areas.

  • Dysport will work well for larger surface areas like the forehead and 11 lines. It’s fast-acting, spreading quickly and evenly.


Because of the difference in dilution, you can safely use both for a similar price.

  • Where are Botox and Dysport injected?
    Botox and Dysport are commonly used in the cosmetic industry for a variety of reasons. They most commonly injected in the forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, and vertical 11 lines. Botox in Fargo is still one of the most popular treatments for achieving great cosmetic results, such as smoother, younger-looking skin free of fine wrinkles.
  • Does it hurt?
    Like any needle injection, Botox and Dysport injections can cause minor discomfort. Because of the varying sensitivities among patients’ skin, you may feel quick pinches of pain with some injections or none at all. Either way, the discomfort is short-lived and will only last a few seconds. The entire treatment only lasts about 5-10 minutes. Our skilled injectors will work with you to make sure you are as comfortable as possible!
  • How many units will I need?
    The amount of units needed can differ from person to person depending upon your desired outcome, the area of concern to be treated, the strength of the muscles in the area, and whether the treatment is for prevention or to treat existing fine lines and wrinkles and their severity.
  • How long does Botox last? How long does Dysport last?
    Results may vary based upon the dose given, as well as on muscle strength of the area and metabolism, as our bodies metabolize (or break down) the Neuromodulators over time. Treatment to maintain your results are recommend every three to four months. Using medical grade skin care products at home as part of a daily skin care regime can help to maintain your results and improve the appearance and quality of your skin.
  • Who are good candidates for Botox and Dysport?
    BOTOX and Dysport have been proven safe and effective for treatment of a wide variety of patient and wrinkle types, however, the earlier the treatment is started, the more favorable the results can be. Some patients are not candidates for this type of treatment and include those diagnosed with neurological conditions or disorders affecting muscle movement, history of allergy to the botulinum toxin product, or those with unrealistic expectations from the treatment. Patients who are pregnant or nursing are discouraged from undergoing treatment.
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